RechaRGe 2024!!

Come join us at the Northeast's only 4-day RG!  For the cost of a regular 3-day RG, you get an extra day to hang out with friends and party! 

RechaRGe is moving to a new hotel in Troy, NY.  We are very excited about this move as the hotel has plenty of room for RechaRGe to continue to grow.   Come to enjoy various speakers, get dressed to kill at our fancy Murder Mystery Dinner, see a bit of the area with our local pub crawl, enjoy our games room, and much more!

RechaRGe facebook group:

  • Registration for Friday through Monday - includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday

    Registration rates:
    $150 until June 15, 2024
    $165 until July 19, 2024
    $180 until August 7, 2024
    $190 from August 8th until Recharge.

    0-4yrs are free (but still must be registered)
    5-11yrs are $100
    12+ are full price.

    If you are planning on registering a minor under 12, please email [email protected] for a discount code to register.

  • Registration for Saturday only. Includes lunch on Saturday

  • Registration for Sunday only. Includes lunch on Sunday

  • Price includes sit down dinner - fill out dinner choice and character category as part of your registration.

    1985 Soap Opera Awards Gala! Come dine with the divas of the small screen...and all the drama that follows them! Who is going to win the coveted award of best actor or actress? Who is going to scheme their way to the top? Which producer has it out for their fellow professionals? Backstabbing is only on the Soaps...or is it??? Will one of the actors have an unfortunate accident....? One never knows what will happen....

    Themed attire encouraged, so break out your sequins and shoulder pads! Tease that hair and dig out the powder blue tux!

    Additional information regarding meal selection, theme, and roles will be provided to registered guests closer to the event. Must be at least 8 years old to participate.


  • Jim Poserina is back to bring you on a journey through the world of wine!

  • No charge - we just need a rough head count.

  • I prefer an extrovert role with lots of interaction, possibly some public speaking.

  • I prefer to work quietly to piece things together on my own. Lower level of personal interaction preferred.

  • I'm up for whatever you need me to do!



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